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Akins, Claude - Actor

Ali, Muhammad - Boxer

Angelou, Maya - poetess

Armstrong, Anne - Politician

Armstrong, Neil - Astronaut

Armstrong, Louis - world famous jazzman

Atkins, Chet _ legendary guitar player

Autry, Gene - Actor, Singer, Businessman and Cowboy

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Bacon, Henry - Architect

Barker, Danny - legendary jazzman

Barkley, Charles - NBA Star

Barnum, P.T. - Circus Owner

Barrett, Ross - Athlete

Barrett, Sweet Emma - Great jazz pianist

Baugh, "Slingin" Sammy - Athlete

Bellamy, Francis - author of Pledge of Allegiance

Bernard, Al - composer, author, actor, recording artist

Blanchard, Terrance - jazz trumpet player

Blane, Ralph - Musician

Bly, Robert - Author

Bolton, Buddy - Probably the very first jazzman

Bonura, Zeke - one of the longest long-ball hitters of his era

Borden, Gail - inventor and manufacturer

Borgeld, Christy - Step-family advocate

Boyce, William D. - Boy Scout Founder

Boyington, Gregory (Pappy) - WWII Ace and pilot

Boyd, William - Actor (Hopalong Cassity)

Biondi, Matt - Olympic Gold medalist in swimming

Boone, Daniel - Frontiersman

Boyd, Johnny - Automobile racing driver

Brett, George - Athlete

Bromfield, Louis - Author

Bronson, Charles - Actor

Bronson, Titus - Local government leader

Brooks, Garth - Country Singer

Brown, Helen Gurley - Author

Brown, Jim Ed - Country Singer

Brown, John - Abolitionist

Bryan, William Jennings - Orator, Politician

Brubeck, Dave - Jazz Pianist & Musician

Buck, Pearl S.- author and humanitarian

Buffalo Bill Cody - Buffalo Hunter

Burbank, Luther - Horticulturist

Bush, George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush - Former US President and wife

Bush, George W. Bush and Laura Bush - US President and wife

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Canzoneri, Tony - Boxing champion

Capote, Truman - author

Carlisle, Kitty - singer, actress, and game show personality

Carter, Clarence - Pop Singer

Carter, Duane - Automobile racing driver

Carver, George Washington -Scientist (boyhood home)
Carver, George Washington - Scientist (birth and early years)

Cash, Johnny - Singer

Castle, Jeremy - Country Singer and Songwriter

Chapman, John - Horticulturist

Charles, Ray - Musician

Chase, Carol - Rock singer

Chesney, Kenny - Country Singer

Cleveland, Grover - Former US President

Clinton, William (Bill) Jefferson - Former US President (42nd)

Cody, William F. (Buffalo Bill) - Frontier Scout and Showman

Cole, Nat King- Singer

Compton, Stacy - Nascar Driver

Connick, Harry, Jr. - Grammy-winning jazz musician

Crockett, Davy - Frontier Politician

Crosby, Bing - Entertainer

Cruise, Tom - Actor

Curtiss, Glenn Hammond - Aviation Pioneer

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Davis, Jim cartoonist
Davis, Jim _ Cartoonist birthplace

Davis, Gail - Actress

DeAngelis, Robert - Author

Dean, James - Entertainer

DeMille, Cecil B. - Film Director

Dempsey, Jack - Pugilist

Densmore, Frances - Indian historian

Diddley, Bo Rhythm and Blues Singer

Diller, Phyllis - Comedienne

Dilling, Mildred _ Harpist

Domino, Antoine "Fats" - one of the founding fathers of rhythm and blues

Donley, Doug - Athlete

Douglas, Bobby - Athlete

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Earhart, Amelia - Aviator

Edeson, Robert - actor, early 20th century matinee idol

Edison, Thomas - Inventor

Edwards, Jimmy - Singer

Ehmann, Freda - Olive grower and processor

Eisenhower, Dwight D. - former US President and World War II General

Eisenhower, Mamie Doud - Wife of US President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Elder, Edgar - Automobile racing driver

Ellis, Jimmy - Singer

Ellison, Max - Poet

Erving, Julius - Professional Basketball player

Evans, Dale - Actress

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Farnsworth, Philo T. - Father of Television

Faulkner, William - Writer

Fisher, MFK - Writer

Fiske, Minnie Maddern - one of the most famous actresses of the early 1900s

Fitzgerald, F. Scott - Businessman

Forbes, Esther - Author

Ford, Frankie - Musician

Fountain, Pete - famous New Orleans clarinetist

Frost, Robert - Poet

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Garfield, James A. - Former USA President

Glenn, John - Astronaut, US Senator

Glick, George Washington - Former Governor

Goff, Norris - Actor

Gottschalk, Louis Moreau - widely acclaimed 19th century pianist

Graham, Dr. Archibald "Moonlight" - Physician

Grant, Bryan - Professional Basketball player

Grant, Ulysses S. - Former USA President

Grohl, Dave - Musician

Grove, Robert (Lefty) Moses - Baseball Player

Grundy, Alan - Composer

Gumbel, Bryant - host of NBC's "Today Show"

Guthrie, Woody - Folksinger

Gutierrez, Jose Angel - Founder of the La Raza Unida Political Party

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Haley, Bill - Musician

Hamilton, Elisabeth Friermood _ Author

Hampson, John - inventor of venetian blinds

Hanby, Benjamin - author and composer

Harding, Warren G. - Former USA President

Harmon, William - Basketball player

Harper, Tess - Actress

Harris, Joel Chandler - Folklore author

Harris, Roy _ Boxer

Harrison, William Henry _ US President

Harvey, Fred - Restaurateur

Havlicek, John - Athlete

Hayden, Ashley _ Olympian

Hemingway, Ernest - Writer

Henderson, Fletcher - Jazz Musician

Henley, Don _ Singer

Henry, John _ Railroad worker

Henry, Lou - wife of US President Herbert Hoover

Hill, Patty and Mildred - songwriters

Hilligas, Cliff - Founder of "Cliff's Notes, Inc."

Hirt, Al - renowned trumpet player

Hogan, Ben - golfer

Hoover, Herbert - 31st President of the United States

Horsford, Eben Norton - Chemist

Howe, Edgar Watson - Publisher

Humphrey, Hubert - Politician and former Vice President of the United States

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Iannelli, Alfonso - Sculptor

Ingalls, Charles - Farmer and Father of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Ingalls, John J. - Former Senator

Ingalls, Laura - Author

Ingalls, Laura - Author

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Jackson, Alan _ Country Singer

Jacobi, Otto R. - Artist

Jaggerz, the - Musicians

Jackson, Mahalia - one of the world's greatest gospel singers

Jefferson, Thomas - USA President, statesman, inventor

Jefferson, William - first African-American since Reconstruction to be elected to Congress and a member of the House Ways & Means Committee

Jobko, Bill - Athlete

Johnson, President Andrew - US President birthplace

Johnson, President Andrew - US President hometown

Johnson, Willie "Bunk" - jazz artist, cornet player

Jones, Casey - Train Engineer

Jones, Donald - Inventor

Jones, Gordon - Actor

Jones, Tommy Lee - Actor

Joplin, Scott - Musician, particularly for Ragtime

Judd, Walter - Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom & Minnesota Congressman

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Kellogg, Dr. John Harvey - Cereal Inventor and physician

Kellogg, William Keith - Businessman

Key, Francis Scott - Poet, Lawyer

Kimbrough, Emily - author

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Ladd, Cheryl - Actress

Lamour, Dorothy - star of the famous "Road" movies with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby

L'Amour, Louis - Author

La Rocca, Nick - Founder of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, the band that recorded the first jazz record.

Lascaux, Josef Delarose - inventor of cotton candy

La Vigne, Robert - Artist

Leachman Chloris,- Actress

Peggy Lee - Singer

Letterman, David - Talk show host

Lindburgh, Charles - Aviator

London, Jack - Writer

Louis, Joe - Boxer

Lowe, Edward - Inventor of "Kitty Litter"

Lucas, George - Film-maker

Lynn, Loretta - Country Singer

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Macy, Rowland Hussey - founder of Macy's Department Stores

Mancini, Henry - Musician and Composer

Marciano, Rocky - Boxer

Marshall, George C. - General

Martin, Dean - Actor and Entertainer

Martin, Mary - Actress

Mattea, Kathy - Country Singer

Mayer, Louis B. - Motion Picture Mogul

McGraw, Tim - Country Singer

McGuire, Don - Singer

McKinley, William _ former US President

McMurtry, Robby -  Artist and Author

Meiers, Jerald - author

Meinert, Dale - Athlete

Melloncamp, John - Musician

Metheny, Pat - Jazz Musician

Miller, Glenn - Musician & Band Leader

Montana, Bob - Archie Comic Strip Creator

Moody, Ann - Author

Moore, Grace - Opera Singer and actress

Morgan, William - Inventor of Vollyball

Morton, Jelly Roll - Famous jazz pianist

Motter, Earl - Automobile racing driver

Muhammad Ali

Murphy, Frank - Politician and Judge

Musial, Stan - Baseball Player

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Nelson, Ed - actor, starred in Peyton Place

Neville Brothers, the - Grammy-winning musical family

Nixon, Richard Milhouse - US President

Noone, Jimmy - great clarinetist of New Orleans jazz

Nation, Carrie - Temperance leader of the 1800's

Neely, Amy - 1998 Miss Tennessee

Nelson, Willie - Musician

Nicholson, John - Athlete

Niekro, Joe - Athlete

Niekro, Phil - Athlete

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O'Connor, Pat - racecar driver

Orbison, Roy - singer

Oslin, K.T. - singer

Ott, Mel - 1930s Major League baseball player, credited with more than 511 major-league home runs

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Paisley, Brad - Singer

Palance, Jack - Actor

Parnell, Mel - Boston Red Sox pitcher

Parsons, Herb - Sportsman

Peary, Robert Edwin - Explorer

Piazza, Marguerite - operatic soprano, featured in Your Show of Shows

Pitot, Genevieve - dance composer of the early Broadway musical theater

Pless, William M. - Author

Polk, James K. - 11th President of the United States

Pontalba, Baroness - built the first apartment house in the United States

Porter, Cole _ Musician and Composer

Post, Charles W. - Businessman

Post, Marjory Merriweather - Businesswoman and Philanthropist

Post, Wiley - famous aviator

Pound, Ezra - poet

Powell, Dick - Actor

Prima, Louis - Jazz Musician

Pulitzer, Joseph - Journalist

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Rankin, Nell - Opera Singer

Reagan, Ronald _ Former US President

Reed, Donna - Actress

Reeves, George - Actor

Reeves, Jim - Country Musician

Rhodes, Sonny - Blues Musician

Rickenbacker, Eddie - Aviator

Riley, James Whitcomb - Poet

Rilleaux, Norbert - famous African-American engineer and inventor

Ritter, Tex - Country Musician

Rivera, Tomas - Educator and former University of California Riverside president

Roberston, Steve - Astronaut

Roppolo, Leon - great "dixieland" clarinetist

Russell, Charlie - Artist

Ryan, Tom K. - cartoonist

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Sanders, Thomas S. - Financier

Schmidt, Willard - Athlete and Olympic Gold medalist-1936

Schultz, Charles - Cartoonist

Scopes, John T. - Educator

Shapley, Harlow - Astronomer

Shaw, Wilber - racecar driver

Shephard, Alan _ Astronaut

Shoemaker, Willie - Jockey

Simmons, Richard - T.V. exercise show host and nutritionist

Skelton, Red - Entertainer

Smith, Wilbanks - Athlete, Engineer

Spellman, Francis J. - Catholic Cardinal

Stanton, Edwin - lawyer and politician

Stater Brothers - Country Music Singers

Steinbeck, John - Author

Stone, Doug _ Country Singer

Stone, Nikki - Olympian

Stone, Willard -Sculptor

Sukovaty, Joe -Athlete and Coach

Swayze, John Cameron - Radio and Television Newscaster

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Taft, William Howard - 27th United States President

Tatum, Reese Goose - Athlete

Taylor, Zachary - 12th United States President

Tenille, Toni - Pop Singer

Thompson, Tommy - politician and former governor

Thornton, Willie Mae "Big Mama" - Blues Legend

Todd, A.M. - Businessman

Tompkins, Harry - Cowboy

Truman, Harry S. - birthplace of US President

Truman, Harry S. - Home town of US President

Truth, Sojourner - Human Rights Advocate

Twitty, Conway _ Country Singer

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Updike, John - author

Upjohn, William E. - Businessman

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VanDevanter, Willis _ Supreme Court Judge

Vukovich, Bill Sr. - Automobile racing driver

Vukovich, Bill Jr. - Automobile racing driver

Vukovich, Bill III - Automobile racing driver

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Wadlow, Robert Pershing _ Tallest Man

Walker, Harry "The Hat" - Major League Baseball Hall of Famer

Walker, T-Bone - singer

Walston, Ray - actor, star of "My Favorite Martian"

Walton, Sam - Businessman

Washington, George - USA President, general

Watson, Bill - Author

Wayne, John - Actor

Webster, Marie - Quilter

Welch, Buster - Cowboy

Welk, Lawrence - Musician

West, Jassamyn- Writer

Westnedge, Joseph B. - War hero

White, Edward Douglas - Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court

White, Ellen G. - Religious Leader

White, Nera - Women's Basketball Hall of Fame

White, Terry - Athlete

Whiting, Thomas - Inventor

Whitney, Eli Jr. - Inventor

Whittier, John Greenleaf - poet

Widner, Christopher - Athlete and Master Carpenter

Wilder, Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder - Husband of Laura Ingalls and real character in "Little House on the Prairie" books

Wilkie, Wendell L. - Politician

Williams, Bert - African American composer of the '20s and '30s

Williams, Hank _ Famous Country Singer

Williams, Spencer - early 20th century song writer

Williamson, James - Blues Musician

Wilson, Woodrow - USA President

Wood, A Baldwin - engineer, inventor

Wright, Frank Lloyd - Architect

Wright, Wilber - Aeronautics

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Yearwood, Trisha - Singer

Young, Andrew - former U.N. Ambassador and Mayor of Atlanta

Young, Colonel Charles - US Military Officer

Younger, Cole - outlaw

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