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Don't know how to begin - Here are some ideas on how to get started?

1. Start with what you know
Your immediate family is the place to start.  Then work your way back in time.  Write down an ancestor's name and then write down what you know about them - where they lived, who was in their family, dates, places, events in their lives - just whatever you can do to jog your memory about that person.   You can simply use a piece of paper for each one, but for much more organization, a genealogy computer program may be used.  Most are very easy to use and maintain.  There are many on the internet available for download or purchase.  The costs will vary from no cost to fairly expensive.  Try some of these links before to find one that's right for you.

on Family Search.org get Free Personal Ancestral File (click on the link for this product)
Genealogical.com Books and publications for beginners and professionals alike
Connect with other people who have already found your ancestors! OneGreatFamily is an online genealogy service that actually connects the names that are submitted to its shared worldwide database using the first only entire software program on the Internet!

2. Have Good Sources if possible. Use those sources in your home to start - Birth, Christening, Wedding and Death Certificates.  Record the information as you go along.  This is where these genealogy programs come in handy.  There is usually a place to record the source for every record.  You will find discrepancies in records as you do your research.  If you have the correct sources, you'll know which one is right.

3.  Once you have down what you personally know, then ask a relative what they know.  You'll be surprised how much information is out there just in your family.  Remember to add it all to your genealogy program.

4.  Now you have a good base of information.  Take a look at it and decide on the person or line where you want to begin.  It is usually best to start with the ancestor closest to you that needs work.  Once you have decided, then the fun begins!

5.  From this point on, there are too many ways to research to search from this page.  See the list below for websites with information on how to proceed with your research and Happy Hunting!

Family Search.org Genealogical.com OneGreatFamily

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